Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Interceptor

Greetings troopers,

This week has proven to be unexpectedly feathery and neon, but we shouldn’t underestimate the powers of distraction. We need every advantage we can get. The enemy has changed their tactics and brought the fight into new streets. Only by working together will we triumph!
Return each Friday for the week’s most vital news, sales, and events. Hawk out!

Assault Mode is a tense game of cat-and-mouse that puts the spotlight on teamwork, stealth, and good old-fashioned murder. It’s a war of intelligence and tactics. Do you have what it takes?


Urban special ops mission can get messy, especially when both sides are vying for control of a small city block. If you want to win this war, you’re going to have to learn the nooks and crannies of Hideout.

Ohh La La, the Powers of Distraction

Blind your opponents with a blinged-out “SilverHawk” AK-47, TRG-21, or M4A1. Want to really dazzle? Try your chance at a shiny gold AK-47.
Keep it going full steam with an attention-grabbing Samba female character skin. Fighting fair won’t win us this war.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

How To Be Pro On Sudden Attack - Guide

Hey guys,

Id like to introduce me shortly.
I have been playing this game, Sudden Attack, for about 4 years or maybe longer. Meaning, Ive been playing SA from the begining of KSA.
I was pro in KSA. But I know that I am sucks now cause I haven't played it for long time since i've been in the U.S.

Ok, Wanna be pro?
First of all, DO NOT use hacks. It doesn't help on your skills.

Im not gonna tell you my shooting skills.

Im gonna tell you about what is called 'sense play'
Here is the things that you have to remember.

Remember, you got a rader on left-top of screen.
- If someone your teammate dies, it becomes gray for about 2 seconds.

Remember, Every FPS games got SOUND.
- Even someone walks (with shift button), it makes sounds A LITTLE BIT. But, its really really hard to tell.
lets make that (walking) exception, and what you got?
* No one is going to walk ALL THE TIMES.
- Some places have special sounds. ( You could determine someone's SPECIFIC location)

Remember, on your right-top of screen, there is gonna be like.. 'someone kills someone'
- you can see killer's weapon
- you can guess specific person's location.

Those are too basics to play FPS games.
But, TOOOOOOOOOO important.

And one more thing, people tend to go somewhere they always go.

Sometimes, GUESSING with sense is great skill

But, if someone knows others location without any of those, is 90% hacker. (10% for just luck or freeview)

PLEASE, Think when you play.